Ancestral Healing

As a Certified Practitioner of Ancestral Healing through Ancestral Medicine. I am able to assist others to connect with their ancestors and support healing through time-tested traditions that are also informed by our current world. The methods of Ancestral Medicine have been shaped by ancient earth honoring traditions practiced by humans since the beginning of time. Through the cultivation of deep and intuitive relationships with our ancestors, we can support the healing of unprocessed traumas or harms held through our lineage, and are able to access our unique gifts, passions, and purpose in the world. My approach is informed by tapping into the history and wisdom of the body, the heart, and honoring the many ways that each person’s process may unfold.


Ancestral Healing Sessions are available to persons of all backgrounds, orientations, and capacities. Sessions are available in both English and French. At each step of the way, the client has full agency on how and at what pace we proceed through the work.  Through this process, the collective spirit of the ancestors guides the healing of unprocessed intergenerational trauma and harm; as the client holds the pathway for this work.


The process begins with a 15-minute (free) consultation to explore any questions, talk about the process, and to see if we are a good fit to work together. Click here to book an appointment. After this initial consultation, we will follow up with Ancestral Healing Sessions by Zoom Video Conferencing or by phone: One 75-minute session to lay the groundwork, followed by 60-minute sessions as we move through the process. Low-income sessions are available for those in need, and are negotiated on a case by case basis. To make a request, please write to me at


I came to Ancestral Healing work along a lifelong search for a sense of belonging and clarity of my purpose in life. I am moved by the wisdom and power that inhabit all life and the elements of this world. My ancestors are from Japan, Mongolia and of Norse origins. My grandparents migrated to Canada at the beginning of the last century from Japan.  Like many immigrants, they left behind their culture, history, traditions and ties to their ancestral homeland to start over again in the new world. My path began with dance and performing which led to creating my own dances. From these experiences, I sought to connect with my ancestors through the stories and mysteries that I found stored in my body. This was fueled by nearly twenty years of exploration as a dancer, healer, creator and explorer with the Somatic practice Body-Mind Centering® that enabled me to dive deeper into the wisdom and spirit through the portal of my body. By profession, I am also an ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of the Somatic work Body-Mind Centering®, Mentor, Consultant, and adjunct professor. After a life of creating dances, teaching and touring the world, I reside on Tiohtià:ke, the island of Montreal, the unceded ancestral lands of the Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) people. Languages spoken: English, French, conversational Spanish and Italian Ancestral Medicine Somatic Practice Body-Mind Centering®


As a Certified Practitioner of Ancestral Healing, I am bound by Ancestral Medicine’s code of ethics. For more information: Daniel Foor, Ph.D., founder of Ancestral Medicine, speaks of the Ancestral Lineage Healing work in this short video clip.