Body-Mind Centering® Festival – Albany New York

4th Annual
Body-Mind Centering® Festival

Upstate New York
December 2 &, 2017
Center for NIA & Yoga, Albany, NY


Dana Davison w/Mandy Sau Yi Chan, Martha Eddy, Beth Goren Patrice Heber, Kate Tarlow Morgan, Lilia Podziewska Angello
Michele Feldheim, Mariko Tanabe

The mission of the BMC Festival upstate NY is to provide a platform for BMC Professionals to share their somatic inquiries with a diverse audience in upstate New York. The Festival is designed to bring awareness to the brilliance of BMC educators and to provide a venue for on-going experiential research.


Send name/s, email, phone address, and payment to: Toni Smith (check payee) 11 Locust Avenue, Troy, NY, 12180


In Advance: $100 full weekend $85 one day $40 one workshop

At the Door: $150 full weekend $100 one day $50 one workshop

Questions? Toni Smith, 518-629-0034,

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Body-Mind Centering Association.


Fluidity/Immunity – Dana Davison & Mandy Chan

Sensing the sustained, concentrated fluid potency of bone marrow and tapping into the fluid of lymph can provide support and build strength for the immune system. Working from the inside out, using breath, sound, movement and touch, the spleen and thymus will also come into play. This workshop is part of a Somatic Wellness Series exploring the related body systems through Dynamic Embodiment, integrating practices from Body-Mind Centering®, Laban/Bartenieff Studies, Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, in this case to promote more effective and efficient self-protection.

Glandular Support for Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement – a Dynamic Embodiment Approach – Martha Eddy

Dynamic Embodiment is a 28 year blend of Body-Mind Centering principles with Laban/Bartenieff Studies. Learn how the Bartenieff Fundamentals “Basic 6” exercises of Physical Therapist/Dance Therapist and early somatic pioneer Irmgard Bartenieff can be deepened with both organ and glandular support ala BMC. Enjoy sequences from BodyMind DancingTM that weave developmental floor exercises into upright easy-going follow-along dancing full of BMC concepts. Experience rhythmic joyful embodiment!

BMC, Pilates and Psoas Therapy – Michele Feldheim

This 90 minute workshop will be an exploration of movement, exercise, embodiment and somatization that combines Body-Mind Centering, Pilates Mat work and psoas therapy, including the psoas anatomy train. Using work from the BMC body systems of fluids, combined with Pilates Mat work that focuses on the core muscles ( including the psoas), and the psoas therapy material we will layer the material to have an experience of core muscles support that has a lot of underlying support. Participants will release, tone and strengthen the psoas major. An enjoyable and profound connection to the core and to the self can happen this way.

Sound as Healer – Ziji Beth Goren

We bathe in the field of vibration as a foundation for our soundbody journey.
We deepen our experience with creative vocal explorations and the vehicle of the moving body, diving/resurfacing. We find and attune to neutral, personal dynamics, partners, the circle.

Moments of spontaneous writing engage us as we encapsulate the sensory experience.

Ascending Out Of The Collage – Kate Tarlow Morgan

In 1943, French Poet and Diarist, Paul Valery wrote a rare essay about a certain portion of the body that “ascends out of the collage” of one’s anatomy and becomes a kind of incarnation of nonexistence—“where the body cannot be separated from the unknowable.” So much of what we try to do in Somatic study is to “get to know.” However, this great poet is suggesting something else: what if the closest thing to non-existence is embodiment? This is our platform for discussion and movement exploration.

Zen Meridian Movements – Patrice Heber

Meridians are the energetic channels corresponding to each of the internal organs. When they are balanced, we are in flow. Zen Meridian Movements enliven the energy through the meridians. This movement sequence corresponds to the cycle and rhythm of the days and the seasons, connecting us deeper with the natural rhythms of the earth to promote healing. Through these patterns we will stimulate and balance our body/mind, release stagnation, and harmonize the whole. We will learn about each meridian in detail as we practice the movements.

Complete Touch: Accessing the Layers of the Body – Lilia Podziewska Angello

Participants will explore a new approach to touch introduced by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen recently in a course entitled The Art of Re-patterning through Touch, Movement and Consciousness. The technique opens superficial tissue layers sequentially before reaching deep layers in the body. The approach accesses epidermis, dermis, fascia, subcutaneous fat, muscle, layers of the bones and Space in between all layers, as well as differentiation between the bones and soft tissue. The touch will not be initiated from our hands only but with the octopus like feeling of the whole body. This is a very deep and satisfying touch without use of the pressure that can be used to revitalize ourselves and others.

See With Your Body, Feel With Your Eyes: An Embodied Approach to Improve Your Vision – Mariko Tanabe

The eyes are the last sense to develop and integrate during our development, and they are intimately related to our other senses, our movement and state of mind. Participants will learn a series of exercises that are inspired by the teachings of BMC® and the work of Meir Schneider that will improve your vision and change how you see and feel the world. Come and explore ways to release tension and improve and protect the quality of your vision naturally for life.